Focus not on fighting

As someone on one of the recent dates told me, I am apparently a November man ( I would have liked it would have been said as Movember – for all the guys who know what Movember is, woohooo ); This ties back to my quest to bring a change in my life starting last November 2013

The secret of change is to focus not on fighting the old but building the new – Anonymous

As a result of this new direction, I have lost 33 lbs, gained muscle strength, went anywhere from XXL to M shirt/sweater size, moved into a new apartment, continue to go on dates as much as possible (one date per week is great target to work towards), running my first 5K, running my first 10 K and my first brooklyn half marathon.  All in all a wonderful TEN months.

One of things I have been focussed on is my diet.  Diet is important for gym goers and for anyone who wants to be healthy.  As a part of my regime, I removed the following things from my daily diet/adopting natural foods:

  • Bread – any kind of bread;  Why? Just because its useless carb that I can’t deal with in my diet
  • Sugar & Sugar products (oohh donuts ) – Do I even have to talk about this? Really!!
  • Tea/Coffee – I rather not kill my body with all the stupid kinds of cancers that come from processed coffees and so on.  ( I know we can argue how a cup of caffiene is good for you, I rather use my own natural sources such as Apples )
  • Cheese/Butter – I rather use my olive/cocounut oil just because it is light and makes me healthy
  • Cookies/Crackers – You know its just very processed corn/white flour; not very healthy option as far as snack is concerned.
  • Eggs/Meat – Any kind of meat and eggs aren’t in my diet since July. Don’t ask me why? Its a long story. One of my commitments to myself since November has been to become more kinder to everyone including animals.  I am working on it and one of the ways I know is to stop becoming a meat consumer. So, I gave up all of the meat and eggs
  • Any kind of Liquor/Alcohol: Again, it’s a long story, but it is safe to say that One of biggest goals has been to become more spiritual, however liquor acts as an impediment to spiritual growth, so I am trying to reduce the consumption on a pilot basis and see how it goes.



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