Mystery Reasons

So, I have to admit (How’soever painful it is) that I have been away from blogging ūüė¶ but there is a reason. But before I share the reason with y’all, I will start today with a small story.

It was an afternoon with warm weather but not sweaty. I went to get lunch, and decided to eat my lunch from Chipotle, at Bryant Park. Once I was done standing in line for getting my lunch, I decided to enter the park from 42nd street between Avenues of America and 5th Ave.

Soon after crossing the road, I enter the park. ¬† I turned left, then I turned right. ¬†Waiting to get next breathe in, I started walking to and looking for a spot. ¬†Having a long day (considering it was only an afternoon), a seat that offers some remote degree of solitude, was somewhat of a blissful affair. I continued walking towards the end of the aisle to find that perfect spot. ¬†It seemed like, the perfect spot was right there, waiting for me. ¬†It took me a moment to realize that, but as soon as I did, I rushed to the spot and owned it like it was “my throne”; at least for the lunch today.

Fast forward, I finished my meal and started to pack up and head back to work. It was already 1 pm on my fossil ’10 hand watch. ¬†Given it’ was a weekday and warm enough weather to be out, in the middle of the world’s best city, hundreds if not thousands cross each other every second at any given spot. ¬†When you live/work in the city for a long time ( more than 5 years, some would argue even 10 ), you learn to ignore all the chaos and focus on what you are doing. ¬†My philosophy is built upon by some of the other big shots of the philosophy magnets. ¬†GO Big or GO home. ¬†That’s all. ¬†If I am going to do something, I will do it right and so good, that in a way, I can look back on it and be proud of it.

But suddenly, my eyes saw this guy, who had stopped near me.  I stopped and it seemed like, to my surprise, this stranger was trying to talk to me.  Given the fact, I just had finished my burrito bowl, I was hoping nothing of food remains in my mouth or in the worse case, my teeth. I popped in a gum and I smiled anyways.  He smiled back.

After another milli second, he said, “How can I get to 14th Union Square from here?”¬†Before I could answer, a moment passed. ¬†Just a moment you would say, but¬†Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.

Once my eyes met his eyes, everything else around us, lost it’s relative importance. When I say everything, I mean‚ÄĒ time, the falling leaves, the people moving around us, the traffic around us, air, water, nature, everything – just everything stopped. ¬† ¬†Seeing his smile, I was stuck to my core and became frozen instantly. ¬†Next breathe in, and I realized he was still looking at me and possibly waiting for me to tell him the directions.

I leaned forward and gave him directions on how to go to Union Square. ¬†During the conversation I said “Are you new to the city?”

He said ” Yeah. I am like, new to the city. Just getting to see the city”

I smiled and said “Oh okay. Where are you visiting from?”

He looked at me in confusion and said ” I moved here. I am not visiting. ¬†Originally from Texas though.” In hindsight,¬†I have been to Texas for work and for fun, a few years ago. ¬†So, I became curious and said “Great. ¬†That’s good to know. Where in Texas are you from?”

“Houston” His one worded response could have been end of it, but as it turns out, in our case, it was just the beginning. ¬†¬†We kept talking and in a few minutes, I realized I wanted to ask him out. ¬†However I didn’t know if he would go out with me? ¬†So, what do you do? ¬†If it was 2010, I would have been scared to death to ask a guy out, but over the last several years, I had become more confident and brave to ask a guy out. ¬†And that’s what I did.

Towards the end of the conversation, I casually asked him “If you want to hangout sometime or explore the city some more, let me know and we can plan something !!!” To my surprise, he said yes and we exchanged numbers. ¬†That was July 28th. ¬†We met again on Aug 2nd in Union square park and then met again and again.

What happened next, is the story for the next time. ¬†But for now, I will share with you, one more secret – We are dating !!¬†Now, isn’t that a perfectly good reason for less blogging?


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