Official “Hangout” time

Things happen for a reason.  Meeting a stranger, while finishing my lunch leading to exchanging numbers, happened for a reason. After couple months, I now know.  It happened for a reason.  We decided to continue to text each other and make plans for meeting up every weekend, by some means or other – hair cut, shopping, lunch, house warming, or just sleepovers.

Meeting in union square was beginning of something, which at that point, I didn’t know.  On the day of meeting, I forgot my wallet home and ended up being late to our first hangout.  I was almost late by an hour.  He kept exploring the area and didn’t seem to mind that at all.

When we met, we made it a marathon date.  We started by hanging out in union square. After sitting there for a bit, we decided to get some exercise ( not that kind ), so we began to walk towards Chelsea Piers.  In between, I made my customary stop at LUSH on 14th Ave between 6 and 7.  Questions? What is LUSH? Why stop here?

Well LUSH was introduced to me by my sister ( yeah right?) She goes there to get stuff, like the really good organic and good for nature kind of stuff. They sell all kind of organic shampoo(s), conditioner(s), soap(s) etc. But trust me really good kind of it.   Why did I stop there?  Well, after a few hours out in the summer day, I kind of feel like, I need to touch up on the cologne, but I wasn’t carrying any. So, LUSH came to my rescue.  You see, they have this thing called Dirty, that helps me have a positive manly and mild fragrance (all at the same time).

Back to hanging out, we went to the piers and ate at the Room Service Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen or as we call it HK (uhm). Back in the day, I didn’t know it was beginning of many more to come.  I just thought it was my one in the week kinda of date where I would meet someone, and slowly loose touch with them, and never see them again.

Little did I know, after several weeks of being together, I had the conversation about being a thing officially and more of it.   All of that, and more will come in the upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned!!!


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