Didn’t see that coming!!!!

After weeks and weeks of hanging out and getting to know each other on weekdays and weekends, I can tell you something with confidence — things between me and him, were moving in a direction where I wanted them to head – its called the “RIGHT” way.     Upon hearing this, some would tell me that it is a strategy that you’re using to “NET” him but I ask them/you –  “Isn’t that the case with everything and anything?”

Consider this:  You have a horrible day at work, but since it is not over, you still work with the team/boss, because you have to let go of your ego and give your best and keep going!!  As they say, keep the “bigger picture” in mind.   That should, essentially, drive you to perform at your best, and give your very best.    So, when you let go of your ego and decide to somehow, get past that day or the hour or the moment, how is that not tactical?  How is that not a strategy to survive?     Humans in general, have been known to do one thing – SURVIVE.  We survived the evolution cycle, and in recent times, the great plague, the world wars, Y2K, and a million terrorists attacks!!  Yet after all this we survive, why won’t you call that as tactical?

If I was hanging out with someone who I like, taking out someone whom I like, spending weekends with someone whom I like, how is that tactical for me to attract your criticism?  What do you think?

Spending time with him almost every day, even if it means for an hour before I get home, or just eating ice cream before I head out home, it is all a safe bet.  Love after all, is the need to be with someone.  Isn’t it?   I realized an interesting thing about love, yesterday.  Love makes the heart grows fonder of each other (that’s nothing new) but, I think you have to give more credit to love than that.   What I realized about LOVE last evening is that – when you’re in love, you want to spend time with them.   More time, than you have spent time with them already.    The time you spend with each other is only a drop in the ocean of the want of spending more time with each other.    The time, we have spent together, pushes me to keep asking for more of his time.  I have experienced this emotion before, but not with this intensity.   And that’s not a lie. There isn’t much I can offer to express my experience from yesterday, but only this – I am fond of him, and that fondness makes me want to spend time with him, more and more.  Simple!

The more I like him, the more I want to spend time with him.   Oh and tomorrow marks three months of us being together, and on the first date, and I definitely didn’t see this coming!!!


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