Home Made Burritos !!

It had been a few weeks after we officially started dating, we were meeting almost every night. The lovely part about dating someone who you really like is that time flies with them. No matter how much it is. No matter how the weather is. No matter anything else. The day and the night passes so soon. And yes, you are happy 🙂

For a couple weeks, we would meet in the evening and go out almost every night. Well, I don’t mind it so much,  but honestly I did mind the part that I don’t the weight to come back. Since November 2013, I lost 47 lbs by eating healthy and just eating right and exercising. But if I would keep going out so much( for some reason or the other), in no time, I would gain the weight back, which I wasn’t going to let it happen. No way!!!

So it was my time to talk to him. On one evening, when we were out and about, we kept chilling and going out, I brought it up during a conversation. Honestly, where we stand our lives, we can’t afford to keep going out everyday, financially and health wise – both. So, I thought I would suggest a couple things and see what works best for both of us.  I come from a background, where we value money and we NEVER waste it.   We are grateful that we have a plentiful life and we have all the resources in it.

I suggested to continue to hang out whenever we can, but we pack “dinners” as well. So we can meet each other, eat and chill.  I keep repeating that food is an important piece of human and social experience.  What do you think?

We both agreed to this solution that it is the best way forward to deal with our situation.  This week, was the first time I had the chance to test out my theory.   We agreed to meet at Bryant park in the evening after work. But I know, we both would be hungry and would need to eat.    So, I made “buffalo tofu burritos” for us. (That reminds me, I should post the recipe online and make it slick)

I cooked vegetables, tofu, added tofu, lettuce, hot sauce and a few other secret ingredients that I will reveal in my recipe blog post, but for now, what is important is that, I made two of them and went to see him.   Along with it, I took napkins, water and a chocolate, so we can have a dessert after spicy burritos (like we needed other external desserts lol) !!

We ate under the open skies, next to the ice skating arena rink, looking at the crowd/people and enjoying the warmth of my company. His hands holding mine, his shoulder leaned next to mine, and his shoulder leaning on my shoulder.  We caught each other up on the events of the day, and while doing so, I said ” I have a surprise for you”

He looked at me “And that is?”  I smiled and said “You want to guess?”   He looked at me and gave me the look. The look which told me “tell me, I can’t read you”   I leaned forward to the paper TIC TAC TOE bag I carried with me; I grabbed two burritos and gave him one.   He was ecstatic to see home made food for dinner.   He leaned in and kissed me and said ” I am grateful that you brought his”   It took me a second to understand and digest what he said, but the moment had passed for me to respond to him., so I just smiled and said ” I hope you like it”

When you live/work in such a crowded city like NYC, you create an ability to ignore everyone around you whenever you’re in public and continue doing your thing.     We grabbed an area and found two chairs we would sit  and eat our dinner.    When we were half way done, this beautiful young European looking girl, which was definitely a tourist to the city, approached our sitting area. He came forward softly and said ” Hi guys, where did you get that yummy looking burritos from?”    He and I both smiled.  I felt shy when she appreciated what I made.   He looked at me and said “these are homemade !! (pointing towards me) He made them”   She smiled at me and said “they look really nice.  You guys have fun!!” We smiled and ate our burritos !!

Soon, it was the time to go home and see the family for our Tuesday nights;  We started to pack our bags and head out. We walked to Herald Square and decided to take trains from there instead of Times Square.  It is beautiful to walk with someone you like.  I think its not about an activity, its about the person. Its not about the time, its about the person. Again and again, it is about the person.

family night smaller

While walking towards to entrance of the train station, we kissed each other good byes and were ready to go home.  We were just kissing good bye, but the intensity with which we would kiss, hold each other, touch each other faces, touch each other body, and hold each other closer, we kept kissing longer and longer.  What was supposed to be, a five second kiss, became a kiss for several minutes.

I said softly to him ” Come home with me?”  He smiled and said ” I would, but I don’t have clothes for tomorrow”   Before I could said anything, he said “I could come and go home early and change, like we do, but I worry about the trips left on my card”    I took my hand and touched him at this chest  and said “You can. I mean you could, for that to happen, you should keep a set of spare clothes at my apartment.  You should keep me warm, its going to be really cold on Thursday, come and cuddle with me :)”  He smiled and said ” I will let you know if I can do it this week, but I want to”      What happened next, remains to be told, but what I know for now, is that …. he wanted to and that’s more than enough for me!!!

What do you think, he is thinking?


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