That (first) kiss!!

It was a Wednesday when we planned to go on our second date. After our first date, we kept talking via text and it just so happens that we made plans again to meet and chill.

During our first date, there was a time, when our hands rubbed against each other’s. After a few minutes, they did again and they kept rubbing all along. But we never held hands the first time, not on the first day. I don’t do those things; I do less on first dates.  I need to understand people before I start touching them.  Call me old fashioned,  but I think that’s only fair.

We planned to meet again on a Wednesday.     I was working from home that day which wasn’t the original plan but it did happen this way (I am thankful now, knowing how well it went). Living in the New York City area for last several years, I have had chance to go to several places and experience the city more closely.  But for some reason I never went to Columbus circle side of Central Park. I have been to several summer picnics in Central Park but Columbus circle side of it, didn’t fascinate me much. But when he told me to meet him at Columbus circle side of Central Park, I said yes to it, in a heart beat. Of course 🙂

We finally met after work at around 6:45. I made it by 6ish that’s when I texted him “I am here”. A few minutes later, I saw he message being delivered. I opened his messages on my phone and waited patiently for him to respond. He texted a few minutes after ” I am running late. Will be there by 630 instead ” I try to be on time anywhere I am supposed to be. However. I run a few minutes late around the time when I am supposed to be there !! Ugh. I am working on it.

Tough to wait

Since I liked the guy, I continued doing my best to impress him in terms of clothes, personality, dinners, whatever it took.  It’s almost very enjoyable, that human beings will do so many things while trying to impress others.   It’s a painful and humorous situation.

On that day, I decided to wear brown skinny chinos with green and white checks shirt. I put on a shirt and blazer to impress him further by looking sharp.  Some would say, let’s not wear a blazer, but the thing is, it is a summer blazer. It’s light, made of cotton and really works great during those evenings when you want something on, but not a lot on.   I patiently waited for him to meet me at the park. By the time he came, I spent the time at the SWINGS. Out of everything in this world, out of everything that is and was available at Central Park. SWINGS!!!


I saw a few children on the swings, taking turns.  My curious eyes met careful eyes of several children. It was then, I heard him coming.  He came from behind and yelled my name!!  I was at the high point of the swing when I heard my name out loud.  I pulled my legs out and stomped them onto the ground and tried my hard to stop them.  Next second, I turned around and I saw him standing by the perimeter of the circular yard.

I smiled and waved at him. He smiled back at me.  I signaled him to come in and in that instant, he jumped over the boundary of the wooden perimeter.  He walked towards the swings.   I walked towards him.  We gave each other a hug and a gentle peck on the side.  And that was it!!

No, that was not it!!  I kissed him back and we started the first best hour of our lives together on swings.

We talked about our days, our nights, our families, our friends, our past lives and our dreams per say whatever they might be;  We talked about the lives we want in the future including children and a lot more!!!  It was all very new to me, especially considering that his all was happening on the day of our second date.  Now, consider this, I have been on many dates in this year and many other in several years before, but only thrice this has happened before and that is a statistic to remember!!!   

At one point, we were close to kissing each other, but he stopped.   I smiled and said ” What happened?”

He smiled and said  “I don’t kiss people on the second date.  That’s like second line of defense girl?”   I agreed and smiled back at him. And just like that, we got back to our conversation.

After an hour of showing pictures about friends and family, I thought it would be a good idea to move it to the next phase of the date, which is a DINNER!! We started to move towards the end of the park towards Columbus Circle.  We walked slowly and started to hold hands.  That’s all we did.  Better did I know, for now 🙂


I checked my phone shortly before reaching the end of Columbus circle side of Central Park and realized the battery was dying.  As we walked towards the road, to grab a subway to go to a place to eat, I looked at it the opportunity to charge my phone.  I should have known better but oh well, things happen at the opportune moment.   But to our saving grace, we found solar charging pods right by the exit, where I requested him to stop and may be give me a chance to charge my phone and he agreed to my surprise.  The thought process was to keep talking as we got more time to talk to each other.

Next few moments, we kept hugging each other and being close to each other while holding hands.  I can’t remember about what we were talking at that time, I guess, we don’t have to remember, but I remember enough details to make myself warm and fuzzy again.

I do remember, we came close and held hands tightly.  My hands were holding his, and we kept embracing closer to each other.   His left leg was closer to mine and his hands were closer to mine – this time closer than I have felt them, tighter than I have held them, warmer than I have known them.

He leaned forward and I sensed his intention this time.  He continued to lean forward and I leaned a little bit towards him.  In the next instant, his lips touched mine and I saw him coming closer to me and bringing those pressed lips closer to mine.  I looked at this face at that moment – his eyes shimmered of hope, his smile twinkled in front of me giving light of the wondrous future that stood ahead of us, and his body of the love that beamed out of it.

I felt the warmth of his body closer to mine, and saw my body respond to his, in more than one ways, explainable, to say the least.  My body has known how to respond to infatuation, attraction and lust, but I haven’t seen it responding so soon and in a combined manner like that!!   At that point, I didn’t know what I would do after that, neither I knew that it would become starting of something exceptional.


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