Hypocrisy of the Pregnant Riders

As a  fellow rider in the world’s greatest city, I come across everyone on a daily basis— anyone from Wall Street high powered executives, to midtown investment bankers, to chefs to artists to executive assistants. Then I see some hypocrites. 

This morning a pregnant rider walked into the same car as I was sitting. A girl who was sitting next to me was busy playing Candy crush  on her phone. This pregnant lady entered from the side and for any of us to be able to see her, we would need our eyes to be up and fixated on next person standing in front of us.  I can tell you for myself, I was busy reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau, so I didn’t pay attention to who the passenger in front of me was. 

It is also because we live in a very crowded metropolitan area, where there are millions of people everywhere – the park, the laundromat, the trains, the beaches, etc. and we learn the subtle way of ignoring everyone unless we really have to look at them. 

Coming back to our pregnant rider this morning, she comes in, rushes to come in front of us, pushing the rider who is already in front of me, (provided there was some space in front the girl sitting next to me), she uses her fingers to point to us, suggesting the message below “I am pregnant can’t you see in my white really loose shirt, and I need you to give me the seat, as if it is my right to get the seat just because I am knocked up”

By the time I could respond, the girl who was next to me, already had decided to give her the seat. By all means, it’s the right thing to do. 

But isn’t what I am going to say, also right? 

Law requires us to give the “designated seats” to people who require them. This is dependent on two premises — one, people who need the seats because of any special conditions – including pregnancy, will be required to be given the seats by anyone who is holding the seat prior. And two, the rider will go to the special authorized seats for obtaining the seats. Isn’t it fair, that both of these be satisfied.?

Why couldnt the lady go to the special seats and ask for a seat. By Law, she would have been given a seat. But by not doing that, she was asking for a favor , which may or may not be fulfilled. 

I know I will invite criticism by this post, but just because you’re knocked up, you don’t forget your manners and york responsibility that comes with living in civilized world. Thank you. Let’s go sharks !! 


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