Spring is here!! 

I know what you must be thinking.. You’d be like, what the hell is this guy talking about? After the really short lived summer, the fantastically colored leaves have started to arrive on the trees and so is the case with the season of apple picking. But then what the hell is this guy talking about? 

During a busy work day, I managed to set aside 90 minutes to get coffee with someone. Someone that I just met first time on Friday. We have been talking on phone for two weeks, but we decided to hang only this Friday. We couldn’t do anything about that. We did seem to appear normal together and around each other. The best part of this is that it didn’t feel like I am meeting a new person at all.

May be I didn’t attach too much importance to our first meeting, may be I was too occupied with work, may be because of my busy volunteering life or may be just that’s I was frustrated in general. But for the life of me, I don’t know why. Sometimes things should be accepted for what they are !  

We met for coffee but prior to grabbing coffee, we had a massive chance to get to know each other, experience what the person likes in a limited capacity and much more. We started walking around Rockefeller center area, where we were supposed to meet originally.  We went around the area, looking at chocolates, coffee stores and much more! Then we picked a place and we stuck around there for rest of the time. What is interesting to see, is that, we were meeting for the first time, we were both trying to give a good impression to one another. The season of possibilities had just begun. 

That’s why it’s Spring inside me when it’s Fall outside for everyone.XOXO


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