Lost journeys 

So after work today, I met one of my work girl friends who just got married and was fired. Yup. I said it. 

She started working with the team only 4 weeks after I started and soon, both of us started to bond over pretty looking clothes, petty work politics and dinners and lunches. We would hang all the time, talk through the issues, take a step back and figure things out. But then she met someone, she met someone and she traveled to San Francisco go see him. He proposes after three months and she said yes. Who does that these days? Especially in New York? Especially when the guy lives all the way in CA and the girl lives on the east coast. It was just very silly and something adorable. She got married after 5 months of dating and seems to be happy. But oh well, in between of that, she had work issues, didn’t seem to get along with her boss and got fired as a result of petty politics while she was away for honeymoon. 

Sad but true. Business is business in the city. No one cares. No one has a heart. No one gives a damn. My way or highway. If you can’t get along, you’re fired. If you can’t do what is expected, you’re fired. And so on. 

I met today before she goes away to San Francisco for good. I promised her I would visit and gave her a kiss and I am good to go. Just like that friends become acquaintances and then complete strangers unless I really visit her. 

Until next time !!


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