Trains – Pushing it 

You are not going to believe this one. The charm of sitting next to someone in the train when the car is super full with people, ofors, handbags, gym bags etc., is so fading away. Like already had. 

However what happened today seems to be recurring pattern.  

A fat person sits on on a seat, due to the big size, it easily eats into seats on each side. The people on these sides then start to push others out to get there seat. Some of the guys and ladies, man spread. How uncool is that ?   Guys, I know how it feels to squeeze everything between your legs, but ladies what do you have down there to man spread ? If it was the question of normal behavior, man spreading is uncool by men and women alike. Period. 

On top of all of this, if you open your book and try to make room for it with people pressing their bags in your face and people pressing from the left and right. It’s just going to be unpleasant for you, for everyone. 

Alternatively, big people should choose seats that are singular and don’t have to eat into others seat. OR, people who are seated next to them, can just adjust for the commute. It’s only what 15 minutes ride ? 

People, let’s be kind to each other. Everyday. May be once a day.  You don’t know what struggles they are facing. You don’t know their stories, you don’t know their struggles. So many of us struggle everyday with problems such as depression or something like that; let’s be kind to each other. Let’s try.  

 Stay tuned for another ordeal of daily commuter problems! 


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