Benefits of a privileged class

On the way of walking to the train station this morning, I came across the notion of privilege and that of privileged class. 

Three cars parked one after another, where it says “Parking allowed by permission only”; three cars parked one after, the last one less than 5 feet away from the fire hydrant, and all of them had this board – “OFFICE OF JERSEY CITY POLICE” !!! Irony of the situation is that all general spots are taken by the cops and the service folks, where does the public park? I may not be doing justice to the fact that it was 7:15 in the morning, and only the cops were there ahead of others, because their work starts before the general public come in. However, coming in early only gives you certain benefits: 
– You could park at the general spaces as they become available 

– You could even get a spot of your own choice 

– Getting in/out of the parking is relatively easy. 

But the following rules can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked 

– When the parking board says “2 hour parking”, you can’t park all day 

– When the parking board says “permit required”, you can’t park without a valid permit. Rule is rule and is a rule for everyone. 

– When the parking is near the fire hydrant, you can’t park within 10 feet of it. That rule applies to all. Rule is a rule and is a rule for everyone. 

– Let me add this to the overall dynamics of this description: This is the scene outside of JERSEY CITY SUPERIOR COURT 

This is the same building where people go to pay their parking violations and other /criminal/ non criminal violations. 

The mayor of jersey city doesn’t listen or like when it is called out to him. He is busy saving his seat for next election. Or is busy listening to any new Chris Christie’s presidential aspirational debacle. That’s all the mayors can do at the moment. With a republican governor! 

I will try to email the office of the mayor of jersey city and see if I can get his attention. If not, then atleast I will let Bernie Sanders and Newark’s mayor Cory brook know. Is it a coincidence that they are democrats and listen to the people more than republicans. Hmmm I wonder. Smh


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