Bringing it home 

On a nice enjoyable Sunday of June 2014 by the forests of Fayetsville, SC, I got inspired to change the course of my next two years. I decided to change something about me – in order to get ahead in one field (that shall not be named), I quit another (I am sure I can name this one). After many dinners, lunches, almost no bottomless brunches and no parties, and an agonizing truth, it all brought it home. 

Fast forward to 2016 February, sitting with family I had my first beer. The taste of beer is not alien to me but I can’t say for sure I missed it. The fact is – I didn’t. I don’t miss it at all. What about other drinks ? May be ? May be not ? Time will tell but I can tell you from knowing myself, I could care less. But I do care about something. 

I do care about the missed brunches and hence the social connection and opportunities of networking, because I chose not to drink. I do care when friends go out and hang, I am constantly singled out because i don’t drink! I do care about all those seasonal parties where I can live a certain kind of short lived but appearing lot fun life, but I didn’t because I chose not to drink ! And many more. 

Whenever there is an elephant in the room, you introduce it and save your face from a later embarrassment. Burning question is – how was it ? How was the beer? Well it was just a beer, so nothing was different. But I will tell you something that came with it 

– I felt relaxed and grabbed a second 

– I could live in a moment for a few minutes 

– I couldn’t sleep as much as I usually do (possibly something to do with REM cycles) 

Though, I feel my usual self the very next day, sometimes that stood out are particularly interesting 

– support the family has shown for my decisions, it’s incredible 

– I am less conflicted than I was three days ago and hence have more mental peace 

– I was able to enjoy the moment and start to create memories

– we made plans to keep doing this and keep trying new flavors and kinds of beer 

I am delighted to have taste beer and invite drinks back in my life. I can not however undermined any further that I would need to go slow and steady on it. One beer at once. Not two. Only one. One glass of champagne and not two. Only one and so on. 

I leave you with some thoughts here – Past has a strong imprint on future, but future doesn’t have to be held hostage to the past. We can make it whatever we want, by changing our today, our present. Let’s dream, make it happen ! Live and let live !! 



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