Mists of the new day

Year of 2016

With the offset of winters, and the arrivals of Spring, the viral is in the weather. The folks with average immune system are falling sick (that includes me), dogs are enjoying the new found sunlight, whereas other humans who’s immune system isn’t compromised, are enjoying the cherry blossoms. #spring #newsigns #newsteps #dogwalks #morningruns #runs #sunlight #rain

City is always beaning with people, thousands come and go everyday, thousands eat at any given time, thousands drink and hundreds of thousands are on the street, walking the streets, thousands in stores, thousands in the trains  and hundreds in the taxis, honking the precious silence away. #citydontcare #newyork #manhattan #citydoesntsleep #citynotnewyork #barelysurviving

On the Monday after the second long weekend of the year, it’s been pretty dull and wet. It’s gloomy and wants everyone of us to carry an umbrella and want to wear an over coat. The rain boots are out, so are wind resistance pullovers, and drinking coffee mugs. #rain #raincoats #umbrellas #blueandblack #yellowandbrown #layers #windresistant #coffee #hotbeverage

In the morning mists of the rain this morning,  everything appears to open eyes, it looks as if this is a community bath for each and every element of the Nature today. The only thing that is very clear in all of this and that, is the very existence of life. And are alive the possibilities of life, possibilities within life, gains in life, twists in life, communication in life, the smile in life, excitement in laughter a

nd misty scent of love. #smile #love #clear #biggerthingsinlife #life #twists #possibilities #today #everday 

Misty days. Oh those days. #mistydays #mist 



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