Tasking all the way 

Wouldn’t it be nice to hold yourself accountable in actions/promises that no one knows. 

Task was to get up, meditate for an hour (well it never happens fully) and get my butt to the gym. Honestly speaking first one is harder than the second one, but over the years I have gained practice for VERY initial steps of the first one. 

Stepping out of my comfortable bed wasn’t the hard part today, getting my playlist was. !! Booooya!! Once in gym, I don’t listen to music usually. The playlist is for my morning jam. You wouldn’t believe me, if I told you what I listen to in the morning 🙂 

Distractions at the gym are very easy. Either something is better at doing a rep than you’re, or the guy next aisle can lift more than you do. I have been distracted by the sheer beauty of some men. I can’t lie about it. They are just so good looking. All of that and more gets your distracted. Just don’t be. Do your sets and do your cardio. Do your cross training. Do stretching. Do yoga. NAMASTE !!!! 

Philosophical realizations today?

– Start your day promptly. Don’t dilly dally. 

– Every second that you waste in the morning, shouldn’t be wasted 

– Prepare your breakfast and get ready for morning as soon as possible. 

– Prepare your music playlist and make sure you’re ready to just jam it put on th morning, morning music is your thaang!! 

– When in gym, it is easy for anyone to get distracted or humbled. Don’t be both.  Be fire. Be on fire. Be passionate and be focused. 

– Don’t look at what others are doing, focus on yourself. It’s your journey. That is theirs. You gotta walk on yours. They will travel on theirs. You do you, and forget the rest. 


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