Stirring softness 

I was sitting in the train on a aisle corner when I saw an old could waking in and rushing to find seats. Unfortunately there were not any left. This couple of clearly an immigrant of south Asian descent and seemed in their mid 60’s.  

I was impressed by their softness and their unsaid affection towards each other. They stood next to each other holding the same pillar in the train, even though two pillars next to each other were available. 

When the lady got a seat to sit, she rushed to sit, perhaps she was tired. But she immediately let her husband know there was another seat behind him opposite to her. They sat in for a few seconds and seeing how they were co-dependent, the lady next to the husband got up and let her switch places. In an instant, wife in the south Asian couple, switched places without exchanging a single word. The idea of belonging isn’t described in a thousand words. But in small actions like these. Kudos guys. 
Good luck everyone in finding your share of true and lifelong affection. 


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